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Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is vital to life on Earth. It is produced during respiration, combustion of fossil fuels, fermentation and chemical processes.
CO2 is also a distiller’s grains co-product that results from the fermentation process of corn or wheat. Zernoff captures CO2 emissions that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere. The CO2 captured during this process is regarded to be as high grade, with a concentration of up to 99%, unlike CO2 from coal plants.

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Types of CO2

Our plant produces annually 5 000 metric tons of CO2 regarded as high grade and after some minor processing to remove the small amounts of impurities, the pure CO2 stream is sold to the merchant markets for use in beverage production and certain technical uses as well as dry ice.

These markets include the manufacturing of soft drinks, beer, champagne, frozen foods and multiple industrial uses such as grain fumigation, pH reduction of municipal water and effluent, welding, metallurgy, rubber manufacturing and chemical production, just to name a few. Zernoff’s team is especially focused of the quality of production and timely delivery to our clients. Our CO2 is used by biggest local beverage brands.

Beverage industry

The quality or our CO2 allows us to use it in the carbonated soft drinks and soda water.

Greenhouse industry

Plants require CO2 to execute photosynthesis, and greenhouses can promote plant growth with additional CO2

CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser, a common type of industrial gas laser uses CO2 as a medium.

It is checked by quality control and the corresponding examinations.

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On time delivery

We provide a vast means of transportation types to fulfill all needs of our customers.