Zernoff Ethanol is the largest ethanol producer from Moldova and one of the biggest from Black See Area. We are specializing in processing locally grown cereals to obtain best quality products for industrial consumption. Company activities are oriented towards waste-free and ecological production of high-quality ethanol, DDGS and CO2 for major markets such as: Central Europe, North Africa, CSI and Middle East.


Zernoff Ethanol was founded in 2001 as one of Moldova’s first local vodka producer. The quality of our products and the nature of the local market helped us achieve immense growth and renunciation in Moldova. Within the first 2 years we built our own ethanol plant with production capacity of 10 000 liters per day. The experience that was acquired during the initial stage of our company’s development laid a healthy foundation for the current results and is now crucial to our success. ​


Recently, there were massive investments made in what we call now the new Zernoff plant. This newly modernized plant started working at maximum capacity in 2015 and we can proudly say that we are now leaders on the local market and in the entire Black Sea region. We have reached a production capacity of 3 000 000 l ethanol, 2400 t DDGS and 450 t CO2 per month


After modernization, we installed the latest available equipment on the market which allows us to obtain products of a quality that meets the highest European standards.

Our distillery consists of 6 distillation columns and is unique in the Black Sea Region due to the fact that we have 3 separate columns dedicated to the extraction of fusel oil, esters and methanol. This gives a unique taste and smell to our food grade ethanol. The distillery comes from an Italian producer that specializes on food industry ethanol and is renown for its quality in the whole world.

Our DDGS is produced on German quality equipment that comes from one of the best supplier of this kind of equipment in the world.


The company is committed to:

  • Full and accurate implementation of our commitments;
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority;
  • Building long-term relationships;
  • Social responsibility and responsibility for the environment;
  • Constant development of our team’s capacities

ISO 9001

Zernoff is certified according to international quality and safety system ISO 9001. Our company is audited annually by independent certified German and Romanian authorities, ensuring the best quality for our products and complete security for the environment.